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In this Profit Accumulator review, I will take a look at how useful Profit Accumulator is to a matched better. Ask if it’s worth the money, and compare it to its competition.

Profit Accumulator popped up about four years ago and revolutionised the industry by being the fist site to offer subscription based matched betting resources.

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Since then it has gone from strength to strength and now has over 20,000 active paying members. No other site comes close to that size. It has over a million posts on its forum.

You can sign up for free, but to really get to the good stuff you need a platinum membership which costs £17.5 a month. For that, you get access to:

  • 16 video guides.
  • Tutorials for 108 different sign-up offers.
  • 61 reload offers.
  • A bunch of tools including an oddsmatcher, acca catcher and dutching finder.
  • A collection of proprietary calculators.
  • A buzzing forum with over a million posts.

It is also worth saying that the reason I am doing an in-depth Profit Accumulator review now, is that they have just overhauled their whole service.

To get access to everything you used to have to fork out £37 a month which was over double their nearest competitor. That has now been reduced to a much more reasonable £17.5 a month. Combined with a complete site redesign and change in marketing strategy (they’re now less pushy), they deserve to be taken very seriously.


As you can see from the above video, the website is attractive and set out in a very easy to use way.

Some of their competitors have more features, but Profit Accumulator is probably the easiest site to get to grips with. It’s clean, minimalist and easy to navigate. And doesn’t scare you off with buzzwords and false promises.


Profit Accumulator has detailed video guides for a lot of their offers. More than any other site I’ve been on. They obviously spend a lot of time and money making the offers as beginner friendly as possible.

The screenshot below contains all the steps to complete the Betfred sign-up bonus. It is pretty typical of a Profit Accumulator guide.

A detailed video of someone doing the offer. And then a text summary of all the steps.


If Profit Accumulator was the only option on the market, I would say that it is no brainer to sign up. But no Profit Accumulator review would be complete without a look at the competition.

I have accounts at all of the big matched betting subscriptions services. Oddsmonkey, Profit Squad, Matched Bets and Profit Accumulator.

And I can say that I would happily recommend Profit Accumulator to anyone. It has a lot of features and by far the biggest community. Plus the guides and layout are very beginner friendly.

But having said that, I do slightly prefer Oddsmonkey. It is a bit cheaper (£15 a month), has a few more offers available, has more developed oddsmatcher tools and has a daily offers calendar. They also offer all new members are a 1-to-1 service over a platform to get them started.

But we are comparing titans. They are both excellent services and only getting better.


I would rate Profit Accumulator 5 out of 5. Despite slightly preferring Oddsmonkey, Profit Accumulator is still excellent and well worth the investment. Especially now that they have reduced their monthly fee.

For the amount it costs (£17.5 a month), you get an awful lot for your money.

Still not convinced? Well, Profit Accumulator has a free subscription where you can try out the first couple of offers. And then if you decide to upgrade there is a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you don’t like it you can always get your money back.


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