Sam Priestley

Sam is a British businessman and host of the popular podcast The Lazy Entrepreneur. He is best known for finding unconventional ways to make money.

Sam writes in-depth journals and how-to guides on businesses he has founded.

How-To Guides:

Amazon FBA

Leverage Amazon’s fulfilment network to make huge profits.

Professional Gambling

Make money from gambling loop-holes. Matched Betting, Arbing, Value Betting.


Invest your money for both long-term gain and short-term opportunity.

All The Rest

Opening a coffee shop, self-publishing, making gin, blogging and more.

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My Monthly Report – July 2019

Welcome back to another monthly report! And what a different month July was. We gave up our home, sold most of our possessions and hopped on a flight to the other side of the world. The plan: to work and travel full-time. Living out of hotels and working from cafes...

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My Monthly Report – May 2019

Hello and welcome back to another monthly report. It is going to be a short one this month because I honestly have been so busy with other things that work took a backseat in May. One of the nice things about being self-employed is that taking a chilled out month...

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How to Get A License Distil Gin From Your Home

This is a quick post telling you how I managed to get a license to distil my own gin from my house. It's actually easier than you think: In order to get a license to distil gin from your home you need to: Fill out form L5 and apply for a rectifier's license Explain...

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My Monthly Report – April 2019

Another month, another report. And a late report at that. That's because I've had the last 3 weeks off work. I go through phases and have been doing some questioning about why I do any of this. I realised that I don't think I have ever taken any extended time off work...

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My Monthly Report – March 2019

What a month! What can I say! We launched our new flavoured gin. The podcast took off and started ranking in the charts. And I turned 30. March has been my favourite month in a long time. It all came together and a lot of the stuff I've been complaining about recently...

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My Monthly Report – February 2019

Hello and welcome back to another monthly report. Last month I complained that I spent too much times playing video games and not enough working. Well I ended up doing almost exactly the same number of hours of work this month - 44% of my target of my target of 165....

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