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Another month another monthly report. 

I spent all of August in Bali and had some real swings of productivity. I got the podcast back on track, did a lot of planning and worked on some big deals for Pipehouse Gin. But towards the end of the month my work rate slowed to almost nothing. Partly because as we moved around the wi-fi got worse and worse, and partly I was just not in the mood. Oh well, c’est la vi. 

Therefore it is going to be a much quicker monthly report!

Travelling and Budgeting

In July we went to four countries and so in August we wanted to slow down and spend the whole time in Bali, to try and get some work done. That worked for the first few weeks when we were based in one place. But for the last two weeks we have been doing more touristy stuff and going to more remote places.

I am writing this from the Gili islands, which are picture-perfect but have a real desert island vibe and the internet is really ropey. To get some work done we’ve paid to use an office for the day. But that is one day out of 14.

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On the plus side, there is still stuff we can do even without the internet. Mainly recording podcast episodes and strategising. It also forces us to take a break and watch the sunsets.

If you have been listening to The Lazy Entrepreneur Podcast you may have heard episode #49 where we talked about budgeting. And more importantly, said that we had started to budget.

So since starting travelling, we have been recording our expenses and it turns out life in Bali is much cheaper than in London (surprise surprise). We have been living very well and spending £50-£60 a day each. Probably about half of what life cost in Tunbridge Wells.           



In September we are going to Malaysia, and then back to the UK for a couple of weeks before heading off again.

Pipehouse Gin

Pipehouse Gin is our craft gin business.


There is a lot in the pipeline for Pipehouse Gin. We are working on a franchising model (more details soon) and have a couple of big deals that should come through in Septemeber. But I don’t want to spoil the surprise! So check back next month.

In the meantime have a look at some of our older posts.

If you want to support us please buy a bottle of our gin from Amazon. And if you like it please leave a review!

Table Tennis Brands

I run two table tennis brands. Mid-range Palio & high-end Eastfield Co. They are my biggest businesses making 6-figures a year profit and sell all around the world. With the vast majority of sales coming from Amazon FBA.

With Palio we have new products coming out any day now. They are already in stock in Europe, USA and Canada, just waiting for them to clear customs in Australia. Very exciting! And so we should be selling a lot in September as we start promoting them.

August was another good month. Our best ever for Eastfield. And with the new bats for Palio, September should be stellar.

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The Lazy Entrepreneur Podcast

On each episode of The Lazy Entrepreneur Podcast, Emma and I discuss a topic to do with entrepreneurship or the lifestyle around it.

We released five episodes in August and seem to have got grips with recording while travelling. Our mics are bad so I have some new ones coming in end of September. But it is still listenable.

In terms of traffic, August was again with over 1,500 hours listened. A big jump from the 1,000 hours in July, but less than the peak of 1,800 hours in March. 

Episodes in August:

  • #52: How To Deal With Amazon Seller Support
  • #51: Betfair Trading
  • #50: Most Businesses Can Be Run Remotely, Just Worse
  • #49: I’ve Started A Budget And You Should Too
  • #48: Money Is Either Important Or The Most Important Thing

I haven’t done any more monetisation on the podcast. I’ll probably hold off until I get to 5,000 hours a month. 

Listen to The Lazy Entrepreneur Podcast now:

This Blog

Traffic was great for the blog in August, the most traffic in over a year. Since I gave away $12,000 in entrepreneur grants

Blog income was low, £2,150 profit, but that is mainly because a couple of my affiliates have been slow recording transactions. It should be much higher in September as they catch up.

I think the improvement is mainly down to changing the structure of the website which I did in July. I saw a dip initially but since then traffic has been going up and up. The restructuring is still ongoing so long may the improvements continue!

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    In January 2018 I wrote a blog post about my experience with bitcoin and my strategy going forward. In it, I described bitcoin as the currency of regret. Where even though I had made 10x my investment I felt like a loser. For not buying more at the beginning, and not selling out at a better time. 

    In that post I laid out my strategy:

    I will sell half of my holdings each year until either one becomes a viable currency or they become worthless. Each year I will rebalance and move some of the profits into up-and-coming currencies.

    Well, I have changed my mind and have started investing in bitcoin again. I think that it is due a resurgence and 20 months on from that original blog post it seems we are a bit more ready for a cryptocurrency. I’ve been buying in at around $10,000 mark and have a vague plan to start selling at different points from $50,000 up. Fingers crossed!

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    There we go, another monthly report. A bit shorter than normal, but look forward to next months where there should be lots of exciting news about Pipehouse Gin!

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