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Dear Beloved Readers,

Today is a big day for me, it is the day when I can finally give myself another pretentious job title. That’s right, I am now officially an author!

The Expert in a Year book], which we have been working on for the last seven months, is finally ready and live!

This first week is going to be critical as we try and get as high an Amazon sales ranking as possible. If we manage to get a good ranking then there will be a snowball effect and our book will start to appear organically throughout Amazon as recommended reading. I don’t normally like to ask for things, but this week I do really need your help. Please please please buy my book! Every purchase helps and if this first week goes well then I’ll not only be a ‘bestselling author’, but it will have a huge impact on future sales and the overall success of our book.

It’s very simple:

  1. Click this link. Purchase the book.
  2. Click this link. Leave a five-star review and write something nice.

And that’s it! (if you’re not from the UK then don’t worry, you can still buy the book from your local Amazon website)

Even if you don’t like table tennis but do enjoy reading my blog. If my daily ideas have given you any inspiration, if you’ve followed one of my guides to setting up a business or if I’ve helped give you the confidence to take the leap into matched betting, then this is the way you can help me out in exchange.

Thanks a million! I owe you a drink.

Ps. If you’re interested in how to publish a book check out my detailed guide here for the test run I did a few months back. In the coming weeks, I will write a detailed article on how we marketed this book and how well it sold. I will also write a detailed article on how we published the audiobook version (now done). Make sure to sign up to my email list so you don’t miss them!

Update! – Three Days After Launch

A massive thank you to everyone who bought the book. It has been a whirlwind few days that have seen us appearing on multiple bestseller lists. Thanks to all you amazing people we are:

That means we are currently beating the likes of Bounce by Mattew Syed. One of the books behind our motivation to write Expert in a Year in the first place. What exalted company, I can hardly believe it.

A particular thanks to everyone who left a positive review. Your kindness should guarantee us regular sales for months to come.


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