The Arbing Blog has always struggled along without a real identity. Is it a personal blog? Is it about starting businesses? What are you here for? And what on earth is arbing?

And I quite like it that way. Why should you be able to sum up my website in one sentence? It stops me from getting pigeonholed and allows me to write about anything I feel like. Sometimes to document my experiences in business (the stuff that seems to be really popular). But often times just to rant at house prices or on the benefits of being lazy.

But saying all that I have been thinking for a while that the name and web address ( is a bit misleading. ‘Arbing’ already has a definition, it is a shorthand term for arbitrage betting, and although I sometimes write about arbing most of my posts have nothing at all to do with it.

This blog is not about arbing. It is about Sam Priestley (me) and the businesses and projects I spend my time focusing on.

So a while ago I got hold of a new domain name,, with the intention of moving over. The problem is that it is not easy to change your web address. Everywhere on the web points to the old URL and the original domain is what everyone remembers. So for the last year, I have been putting off moving.

The problem is that it is not easy to change your web address. Just like when you move house in real life, everyone still has your old address. And whenever someone has linked to me before on their website it will still use the old domain name. And Google who sends me most of my traffic also needs to work out that I’ve moved.

After putting it off for about a year I have finally made the change. is now live and has been put to bed. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the move will be seemless. But for that to happen, I really really need your help.

I need your help:

Save to your bookmarks

If you have the blog or any of the articles saved to your bookmarks, you will need to update them. The structure of the site is still the same so updating is very straightforward: becomes

If you have any links to on your website, please change them!

Once again you simply need to replace with and leave everything else the same.

If you see a link to, let the website owner know it has moved

If you come across any site who have linked to, I would really appreciate it if you could email the website owner to tell them the URL has changed. has become

Update your email contacts to from

If you ever me will continue to work for a while. But I am slowly going to be moving over to Make sure to email the right one to be sure I get it.