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The blog has now been going 18 months. Mental! I’ve written over 50 posts, spent countless hours on it and had over 250,000 visitors.

What fun.

But more excitingly, the blog has started to become a decent income source.

At the one-year point, the blog had made a total of £1,124.04. Not a lot, and certainly not worth the time I had put into it.

But over the last six months, it has continued to grow.

Here is a graph of the monthly income for the whole 18 months.

And here is the more detailed breakdown.


Total: £528.33 ($765)


Total: £789.12 ($1,133)


Total: £909.91 (1,319)


Total: £1,005.06 ($1,456)

April 2016

Total: £1,015.49 ($1,471)

May 2016

Total: £1,214.35 ($1,760)

Six-Month Total: £5,462.27 ($7,865)

18-Month Total: £6,586.31 ($9,545)


At the end of my last income report, I wrote a whole load of ideas for how I could increase its income. Well, I haven’t done any of those things.

The blog is a hobby and something I do because I find it enjoyable and interesting. If I turn it into a business I am afraid that I will lose that enjoyment and the blog with transform into something I don’t want.

I will start writing posts that I think will get a lot of traffic, or that will earn me a lot of money. That is not what this blog is about. I still want to write the occasional ranty post that most people disagree with. And I still want to write posts that I know won’t earn me any money.

So at least for the time being this blog is going to stay as it is, very much a hobby.

I’d also like to say a really big thanks to those who have shared my posts on Reddit and social media. The continued growth is almost totally down to you.

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