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Palio Table Tennis Bats

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We are the inventors of the Palio x Expert Table Tennis range of table tennis bats. Including the Expert, Master and Legend table tennis bats.

The Palio Expert 2 is the number one best-selling table tennis bat in the UK and has held that title for the last three years.

How We Started The Business

In 2013 we noticed a gap in the table tennis market. There were no good quality premade table tennis bats available at reasonable prices. Either you had to buy a blade and rubbers separately and glue them together, or buy a terrible premade bat that had zero spin.

At the time we did not know much about manufacturing table tennis bats so teamed up with a top table tennis brand to create our own range of custom-made table tennis bats available at unbeatable prices.

The bats were an instant success that resonated with the recreational market. Within a year were the best selling bats in the UK. Now we sell over £500,000 worth of bats a year.

The bats are sold almost exclusively using Amazon FBA.

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Tools We Utilise

The day-to-day running of Palio x Expert Table Tennis is outsourced which means we use a lot of tools to keep it operating.

  • Most of the stock is stored and sold using Amazon FBA (link to article).
  • We hire freelancers to work on it, from customer service reps to translators. Mainly from
  • Bookkeeping and accounting is done using Xero.
  • Our website is hosted on Bluehost.
  • We use Flexport for our freight forwarding and customs broking.

What We Plan For The Future

We are in the process of expanding Palio x Expert Table Tennis to India and Japan.

But Palio is a small part of a larger table tennis empire I am trying building following a business concept I am calling a ‘sales net’.

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