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Eastfield Sporting Goods Co

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Eastfield Co is a table tennis focused sporting goods brand.

It’s currently stocking just a table tennis equipment but the plan is to turn Eastfield into a multi-channel brand covering everything to do with table tennis. From selling products to organising tournament and running training camps.

How We Started The Business

ARTICLE: Here I go through every step it took to create our first product for Eastfield Co.

We started Eastfield Co after already running a very successful table tennis product business. But decided to start a new brand so that we could focus on the higher end of the market. Each of our bats is very premium and start at £50. A huge amount of time and effort was put into getting them just right and the Eastfield Offensive bat alone took almost two years to get right.

Tools We Utilise

The day-to-day running of Eastfield Co is outsourced which means we use a lot of tools to keep it operating.

What We Plan For The Future

Eastfield Co is a small part of a larger table tennis empire I am trying building following a business concept I am calling a ‘sales net’.

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