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How We Started The Business

I first came up with the idea for this business in October 2017 and finally launched our first gin in May 2018!

Here is our website where you can buy a bottle: Pipehouse Gin

This is perhaps my most interesting business because I have been blogging about it ever since I first had the idea so you can follow along and see exactly what it took to take this idea to execution. (And it’s interesting because it’s a gin brand, how cool is that!).

Below are the instalments as they were written live.

Posts About The Gin Brand

18 Oct 2017: Episode One – The First Two Weeks

This post covers:

  • Working out how to make gin.
  • Researching the laws around making and selling gin.
  • Reaching out to distilleries and fulfilment companies.
  • Doing some market research.

13 Nov 2017: Episode Two

This post covers:

  • Choosing a distillery.
  • Creating our recipe.
  • Making our first batch of gin!
  • Doing lots of branding.

3 Feb 2018: Episode Three

This post covers:

  • Incorporating a company.
  • Setting up a bank account.
  • Writing a business plan.
  • Getting our wholesale alcohol license.
  • Perfecting the recipe.
  • Plus some slow progress on label design and label printing.

7 May 2018: Episode Four

This post covers:

  • Coming up with a marketing strategy.
  • Organising a launch event.
  • Signing up for local markets.
  • Setting up social media.
  • Sorting out bottle, boxes, labels and printing companies.
  • And making a bunch of mistakes!

30 June 2018: Episode Five 

This post covers:

  • The launch!
  • Our first sale.
  • Market Stalls.
  • Publicity and website.
  • Entering a Gin Award.

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