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Creating A Craft Gin Business - Pipehouse Gin

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How We Started The Business

I first came up with the idea for this business in October 2017 and finally launched our first gin in May 2018!

Here is our website where you can buy a bottle: Pipehouse Gin

This is perhaps my most interesting business because I have been blogging about it ever since I first had the idea so you can follow along and see exactly what it took to take this idea to execution. (And it’s interesting because it’s gin…).

Below are the instalments as they were written live.

Posts About The Gin Brand

18 Oct 2017: Episode One – The First Two Weeks

This post covers:

  • Working out how to make gin.
  • Researching the laws around making and selling gin.
  • Reaching out to distilleries and fulfilment companies.
  • Doing some market research.

13 Nov 2017: Episode Two

This post covers:

  • Choosing a distillery.
  • Creating our recipe.
  • Making our first batch of gin!
  • Doing lots of branding.

3 Feb 2018: Episode Three

This post covers:

  • Incorporating a company.
  • Setting up a bank account.
  • Writing a business plan.
  • Getting our wholesale alcohol license.
  • Perfecting the recipe.
  • Plus some slow progress on label design and label printing.

7 May 2018: Episode Four

This post covers:

  • Coming up with a marketing strategy.
  • Organising a launch event.
  • Signing up for local markets.
  • Setting up social media.
  • Sorting out bottle, boxes, labels and printing companies.
  • And making a bunch of mistakes!

30 June 2018: Episode Five

This post covers:

  • The launch!
  • Our first sale.
  • Market Stalls.
  • Publicity and website.
  • Entering a Gin Award.

How To Get A License To Distil Gin In Your Home


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