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Since mid-2016 I have been offering a consultancy service for small businesses or individuals. It costs $200 an hour and you can schedule a call with me here on the service Clarity.

Most of my clients are people new to business. Some have very specific questions they want answering, but most  are just looking for me to run over their plan and give them some honest feedback. And some are just in the idea phase and want some reassurance they are on the right track. Whatever you want to chat about, don’t be afraid to book a call with me.

How We Started The Business

ARTICLE: How I started a consultancy business

The business was very straightforward to start. I simply signed up to an account with Clarity (a tool similar to Skype but where you can get paid for taking calls). Then put a link on my contact me page and waited for people to start scheduling calls.

I generally have one or two clients a months which is a level I am happy at.

Tools We Utilise

The only tool I use is Clarity. It is very straightforward. You choose your price per minute and then when someone books a call with you, you get paid based on how long the call lasts.

I charge $3.33 a minute. If a call lasts two hours it costs them $399.6. From that Clartiy takes a 15% service fee so I would be left with $339.66.

I meet up with some of my clients in person. In those cases, I send them a PayPal invoice.

What We Plan For The Future

This is very much a time for money type of business, which is very different to most of my other businesses. There is nothing passive about a consultancy business. Because of that, I have no plans to expand the business. Rather I am very happy to continue taking one or two clients a month.


I just had a great call with Sam.

Straightforward, down to earth advice by someone who has been there, done that and ‘bought the t-shirt’. Highly recommend.

Edward Lynam

Aug 23, 2017

Just finished my call, SO WORTH IT. I have been following which inspired me to start my own product business. I called to get feedback on my product concept and business plan. He offered to review info before our call and he prepared a spreadsheet for us to review, I had missed some major items which could have cost me $1000s and tears on the back-end. Thanks Sam 🙂 Also great at helping me think about the long-term and expansion, not just my immediate product launch needs.

Jeannine Villasenor

Set up a call with Sam in order to get his feedback and tips about an idea that I am currently working on and planning to launch on amazon. He offered great tips and many useful information’s on helping me better define my idea. Definitely worth it!
Dave Richards