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Welcome to the resources section. Here you will find a curated list of my favourite tools and websites that I personally use for my businesses. Whether that be selling on Amazon, matched betting, blogging or even making alcohol.

This page is also how this site makes money. All my guides and articles are available for free. I don’t accept advertising and I don’t accept paid for submissions. Instead, I make money through refer-a-friend deals to some of the resources below. These refer-a-friend commisions come at no extra cost to you. In fact, I am often able to negotiate discounts for my readers. So, if you plan on using any of the resources below please click through my link.

Matched Betting & Arbing

Matched betting is a way to make money out of the free bets that bookies offer to encourage you to sign up. Never heard of it? Read my introductory guide to Matched Betting.


Maximise your profits with the World’s #1 matched betting software.

Oddsmonkey is my favourite full service matched betting subscription service. They have been around for as long as I have been matched betting (over 10 years) and keep getting better and better. For £17.99 a month Oddsmonkey will provide you with:

  • Step-by-step tutorials and videos to complete most mainstream sign up offers.
  • An arb finder to maximise your return.
  • Calculators to make stake size calculations easy.
  • Customer support to answer any of your basic questions. Or even just to hand hold you through your first offers.
  • A daily offers calender laden with reload offers.
  • A thriving forum with hundreds of thousands of posts.

OddsMonkey makes it simple for you to earn a tax-free second income.




Rebel Betting

The best premium arb finder on the market. By a long way.

Rebel Betting is designed with professional arbers in mind. It isn’t cheap at €129 a month, but it is the best.

  • Very quick refresh rate, meaning you see the arbs before anyone else.
  • Over 10 sports covered, including horse racing.
  • Complex arbs and dutches such as middles and cross markets.
  • 98 bookmakers and 5 exchanges.
  • Works in over 150 countries.

They do have a cheaper service for €39 a month with limited arbs, but it doesn’t have all the features. If you want a cheap arb finder sign up to Oddsmonkey and use theirs, it’s cheaper. With Rebel Betting, you want the Pro subscription or nothing.

Rebel betting is a dedicated arb finder which you can use to make money without a bonus.




Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is the warehousing network attached to Amazon. It allows small one-man brand owners like myself to selling hundreds of items a day across the world. Never heard of it? Read my introductory guide to starting a business with Amazon FBA.

Jungle Scout

Find Amazon Products You Can Profit From, Fast and Without Guesswork.

Jungle Scout is my favourite market research tool for Amazon. It lets you dive in deep into the Amazon catalogue. Whether that is checking out your competition or looking for a new niche to dominate.

  • See how much your competitors a making a month.
  • Check for underperforming.
  • All marketplaces covered.
  • Some of the best tutorials and video guides ever created for Amazon FBA.
  • It is expensive on a per monthly basis. But you can cancel when not using it.

There are three different plans. I recommend the Standard as it includes the niche hunter which is very useful for finding keywords.

When you get to the sign up page select “monthly billing”. It is a bit more expensive but you can cancel anytime.

Start Up: $39/month

Standard: $69/month

Business: $99/month

Blogging & Websites

Most of my businesses rely on a website. To get started setting up your own blog or website check out my guide.


The cheapest reliable hosting for blogs or information websites.
Bluehost is a very cheap host that I use for 90% of my websites. It is optimised for WordPress and you can host many different blogs on one hosting plan. The best part is that it is dirt cheap at $3.95 a month.

  • One free domain.
  • 1-click WordPress installs.
  • For $1 extra a month you can host unlimited websites on one host.
  • Very cheap.
  • Good for about up to 20,000 visitors a month.

You pay the promotional rate until renewal, so you should sign up for as long a period as possible. 5 years is the longest.

When you get to the sign up page select “monthly billing”. It is a bit more expensive but you can cancel anytime.

$3.95/month until renewal




The best out-of-the-box website for online shops.
Shopify is a provider of plug-and-play provider for online shops. You simply sign-up choose a template, upload your stock and it just works. There are lots of plugins so you can link it up to fulfilment centres or dropshipping channels.

  • One free domain.
  • All payment processing done for you.
  • Lots of plugins so can be linked to your suppliers or fulfillers.
  • Large selection of templates to choose from.

Shopify is particularly good for those who have no experience with websites or programming. You don’t need to know anything to create a stunning online store.

The ecommerce platform made for you.

$29/month for small shops


$79/month with lower card processing fees


Super fast WordPress hosting for larger sites.
WP-Engine is what I use for this site. It is extremely fast and has instant live chat customer service to help if anything goes wrong. A managed solution like WP-Engine is a must for once your site is getting 20,000 views a month.

  • Pricing based on traffic. Scales as much as you need it to.
  • A test environment so you can make changes without affecting your main site.
  • Content delivery network for fast image loading.
  • Instant live chat available to help with any problems you might have.

I currently pay $999 a year. Which is good for up to 90,000 views a month. It includes a CDN and unlimited support.

Your WordPress Digital Experience Platform..

$35/month for up to 25,000 visitors a month


$1 per 1,000 additional views