To run for parliament all you need is a £500 deposit and 10 signatures from registered voters. If you don’t like the current candidates and are unhappy with the way the country is being governed, this is your chance to do something about it.

And if there ever was a time when the UK was ready for different sorts of candidates, it is now. Trump in the states. Brexit. Our political parties a complete mess. And now Theresa May has announced a snap election in just six weeks time. The world is changing and so is politics.

There are 650 members of parliament, each one is voted in by his local constituency. To get into parliament all you need to do is win the vote in your local area.

As well as a say in running the country, the role of MP also comes with a salary of £74,000.

There is really two ways to run for parliament. With the help of a current party, or as an independent.

Run For a Current Party

Labour is currently struggling to find enough candidates (how crazy is that?!) and is currently holding open applications. You can apply here:

To be eligible to be a candidate you must have 12 consecutive months’ membership of the Labour Party on 18 April (i.e. joined on or before 18 April 2016).

But you need to act quickly. Applications close tomorrow at noon.

Labour isn’t the only party looking for new candidates. There are smaller, newer and potentially more interesting parties appearing who are also looking for candidates.

Such as the Young People’s Party (here’s their manifesto). They believe that wealth and housing inequality can largely be solved by raising tax on land ownership and lowering taxes on income.

We are a ‘Georgist’ party, who want to achieve economic progress and reduce inequality by ensuring that:

a) the benefits and burdens of land ownership (and other monopoly privileges) are spread as evenly as possible,
b) the government is funded out of taxes on land ownership (and other monopoly privileges) instead of taxes on output and employment.

Run As An Independent

To run as an independent candidate you need to pay a £500 deposit and get signatures from 10 voters saying they will support you. (if you don’t have the money, consider applying for one of my entrepreneurship grants)

If you manage to get more than 5% of the vote in your local constituent, you will get the £500 back.

Here are the full details on how to apply.

Applications need to be in by the 19th working day before the poll. Which by my calculations is Monday 12th May.

So what do you reckon? Fancy running for parliament and trying to change everything you think is wrong with this country?

If you do, drop me an email and I’ll put a link to your manifesto on this page. (here’s my guide on how to create a website)

And if I really like your policies and think you’re in with a chance I will see what else I can do to help you run.