Sam Priestley

Sam is a professional gambler turned entrepreneur. He has started more than 30 businesses with some successes and many more failures.

Here you can find diaries and how-to guides so you can learn from what worked and avoid Sam’s mistakes.

How-To Guides:

Amazon FBA

Leverage Amazon’s fulfilment network to make huge profits.

Professional Gambling

Make money from gambling loop-holes. Matched Betting, Arbing, Value Betting.


Invest your money for both long-term gain and short-term opportunity.

All The Rest

Opening a coffee shop, self-publishing, making gin, blogging and more.

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My Monthly Report – November 2018

Welcome back to November's monthly report. A lot happened in November both in work and general life. I went on holiday, sold a bunch of gin and released seven podcast episodes. Less fun was that we hit stock issues everywhere, which a month before Christmas is a...

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How To Get Customers For Your Business

We are going to cover 10 different strategies you can use to get customers for your business. For each one I will give some tips on where to start and show real life examples from my businesses. They work and can be used by everyone, whether you have a coffee shop, a...

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My Monthly Report – October 2018

Welcome back to another monthly report. October was a great month because I have finally completed on the sale of an investment that for complicated reasons has taken about two years and a lot of work to sell. I definitely find it difficult to be optimistic and focus...

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My Monthly Report – September 2018

Welcome back to September's monthly report, it has been one of those months that flew by and I can't believe it is already over. Progress has been up and down. The most exciting thing to report is that our new business Pipehouse Gin is now firmly in the profit! There...

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Businesses You Can Start In 2018

In this post, we are going to blitz through a lot of different types of businesses that are currently popular and successful in 2018. The main purpose of this post is to give you some inspiration and let you know just what is possible. And if you want to investigate...

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My Monthly Report – August 2018

Welcome back to another monthly report. August was a pretty bad month. I really struggled with motivation towards the end of the month after spending a couple of weeks on holiday doing nada. And to make matters worse I hit stock issues with almost all my businesses,...

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My Monthly Report – July 2018

Welcome back to another monthly report. July was a quiet month with lots of self-reflection. I like to pause every now and again and assess how happy I am with my life and businesses. I sit and jot down pages of notes and ideas. Brand new businesses, new angles for...

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