Hi friends, if you read my last monthly report you will know that I have been thinking about starting a new project. So to help clarify my thoughts and to get some feedback from you, here are some of my ideas. Would you be interested in following any of these?

YouTube Channel

I believe that there is currently a lot of opportunities in YouTube and other forms of video. It is getting bigger and bigger and the influence popular YouTubers have is only just starting to get understood.  I have three ideas that I think could be pretty popular.

One is a food-related YouTube channel. Emma my wife runs supper clubs from our house and I think there is quite a lot of potential for doing a YouTube channel around that. Timelapse videos of recipes, a look into what it is like to run a supper club, that sort of thing. I like that it opens a lot of doors, recording her recipes and experiences could lead nicely into something like a cooking book or expanding the supper clubs.

Another is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu YouTube Channel. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a very technical martial art with lots of complex moves, and new ones are being invented all the time. There are a lot of tutorial videos from world-class competitors explaining their moves. But in my opinion they all suffer from the same problem: the person teaching it is just too good. They often rush over aspects that while subconscious for them are really crucial for someone like me to understand what is going on.

I, on the other hand, am a very average blue belt. So my plan would be to hunt down top black belts and have them teach me their signature moves on video. As the viewer you would see not just the original explanation, but also the common mistakes a normal person makes when trying to learn it. Plus it would also help me get better at the sport, double bonus.

And the final one is a general video blog. Just generally following what I get up to each day. I believe it could be pretty interesting as it covers a really broad range of different businesses. And it would encourage me to work harder as people are watching!

Novel Writing

I’ve always wanted to be a novelist. The pure creativity of creating a fantastic world and putting it down on paper really appeals to me and is the sort of legacy I’d like to leave behind.

So I have come up with a challenge to try and help me break into writing. Every week or fortnight for a year I would self-publish a new short novel. Similar in style to my three-day book. I would sell them very cheaply, for a pound or two. And each one would be the first instalment of a potential new series.

At the end of the year, I would assess and see if any have done well. If any of them had taken off and are selling well I would edit it and then start writing proper sequels. If none have been popular I would go back and rewrite my favourite story and start sending it out to publishers.

The challenge will serve a few purposes.

  1. Force my creativity. I need to invent a new story every week.
  2. Improve my writing. Writing fiction is very different from writing a blog, and the sheer number of words will force me to get comfortable with the craft.
  3. Increase the chance of coming up with at least one good idea. If I write between 25 and 50 books in the year, at least one will be a really good story!
  4. It’s the sort of challenge I imagine could get quite a bit of publicity. Which could help my chances of having a random success.


Audio is easily my favourite way of devouring information and I have been thinking about starting a podcast for years and years. But what has held me back is that I just didn’t really have a good idea, until now. There are few podcasts I really wish existed, but only one that I am qualified enough to do.

The idea is to do an entrepreneurship podcast called ‘The Lazy Entrepreneur’. It would be a regular podcast where I would talk about or explain an aspect of entrepreneurship. This blog has proved to be quite popular and a podcast would be a natural extension. It could work quite well because I have about 200 blog posts I want to write but haven’t yet touched because they are either too niche or need too much explanation. You can cover a lot more in a 45-minute podcast than a 2,000-word blog post, and I am a much slower writer than talker.

There are a lot of good interview or talk show style podcasts on entrepreneurship, but not many aimed at being informative or covering a single topic. I personally would listen to such a podcast so there must be other people who would too.


This one is little left-field but does peak my interest. I have recently got pretty interested in the idea of building my own house. But I know nothing about architecture or even basic DIY. The plan would be to buy a bit of land, take an online architecture course, and get building. I would start with just a one-room studio type thing. And slowly work my way up. Taking on more complex projects and doing more and more wacky designs.

Plus I’d be able to build loads of stupid stuff I’d never be able to get in a normal house. Go Kart track, dojo, cinema room, video studio, hot tub. That kind of thing.

I might also write or vlog about it as it could be quite interesting to follow. A true DIY project. A complete novice going from knowing nothing to building a house.

Other Less Interesting Ideas

I also have a bunch of other, less interesting lifestyle ideas that I am also thinking about. One is to learn gymnastics – I’d love to be able to do flips, tumbles and handstands etc. And why should kids have all the fun? Another is to get into fashion and really focus on improving my wardrobe and the way I look. And finally, I have been thinking about trying to do some stand-up comedy. I am pretty bad at public speaking and think embarrassing myself at open mike nights could really help.

They may all sound like the sort of skills or talents that you are born with, or that adults can’t learn. But I strongly believe that isn’t true. I will never be an Olympic gymnast or fashionable enough to turn heads in Paris, but I will definitely be able to get a million times better than I already am. And that is success.


I almost certainly will do one of the main ideas above. So what do you think? Do you like any of the ideas, do any of them stand out?