The world is ending! Well not really. But for a lot of people it might seem that way. Quarantined at home, unable to earn and not sure if our jobs will still be there when this all ends. An end that is not in sight.

The people of Wuhan are still under quarantine after 7 weeks. What would we do if similar measures are implemented here?

I see it two ways. Either watch all of Netflix and get snappy at our loved ones. Or try and be productive and start a business. And now is a really important time to earn some extra money. We may need it if things get worse.

What businesses could we start from the comfort of our quarantined homes, with nothing but an internet connection? And that is likely to thrive during an apocalypse.

Here are 10 business ideas you can do while under quarantine.

1 – Launch an errands service for people under quarantine

Going stir crazy and need to get out the house? Well even under a strict quarantine there is a need for people to be out and about. Delivering supplies. Doing welfare checks on vulnerable relatives. Doing emergency repairs.

If you’re healthy and don’t live with anyone vulnerable then this could be a good business model.

And habits we form during this period could well continue after. Businesses that make life easier may well continue even when things are back to normal.

2 – Hold local but online exercise classes

People are already going stir crazy and it has only been a couple of days. So whole do we solve the lack of community and too much energy?

How about online fitness classes for the neighbourhood. A social aspect combined with

You don’t need to compete with the next Jane Fonda because by focusing on your neighbourhood you have a unique selling point. You can post on NextDoor, Meetup, Facebook marketplace etc. And run your remote class every day.

Then after the apocalypse continue it and throw in some in-person classes. The new strong community of neighbours who were forged during the pandemic will continue.

3 – Become an online teacher

If you ever go travelling you will meet a lot of online English, violin, singing teachers. Why? Because it is a career they can do from anywhere with a plug for their laptop and an internet connection.

So let’s learn from them. As schools are closed the need for online teachers has exploded. And not just English teachers but all sorts.

Then after the apocalypse you can continue. Those jobs existed before and will continue to exist after. Plus schooling is changing forever as new remote ways are being trialled under the necessity of the virus.

4 – Start a craft brand

Amazon and eBay brands traditionally buy their goods from China and sell them here. Well, that is not a good business model for the apocalypse! International trade will be affected, although we don’t yet know by how much.

But buying local and craftmanship has been on the rise anyway. So now is a good time to learn some skills and start making goods yourself.

Handcrafted knives, artwork, woodwork, homeware, etc. All have been doing well on Etsy and Instagram and should become more popular with less competition from China.

Buy your raw goods from Amazon. Make them at home and then either send them to Amazon FBA, or send them to customers yourselves. The post and other logistics companies will still be running.

And who knows. Having a large collection of handcrafted kitchen knives could be really useful when the zombies come.

5 – Become an entertainer

Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Podcasts, Instagram. Are full of the sort of people who have turned having too much free time and an internet addiction into a successful career.

Well now you are one of them. So why not try your hand at some comedy, songwriting, talk-showing, conspiracy theorist, whatever?

Market it by posting to your friends and family through Facebook or whatever other social media you use. Embarrassed? Don’t worry, you have a good excuse. The quarantine has driven you crazy!

Without a doubt, there are going to be some break out supper stars who only got into it because they were trapped at home. Throw your hat in the ring and let it be you.

6 – Write that novel you always wanted to

Writing has always been the outlet of the reclusive housebound. So why stop now? It has never been easier to publish your book, I wrote and published a novel in three days. And you’ll never have a better excuse.

You could be the next Emily Dickinson, who barely left her home for two decades. Or the next E L James, the breakout queen of self-published mainstream erotica.

7 – Earn on the markets

My first experience of earning a living with just an internet connection was from matched betting. Where you take advantage of free bets that bookies and casinos offer and turn them into spendable cash.

Well those opportunities still exist and there is plenty more out there. Betting market, stock market, commody market, currency market, lending market, cryptocurrency market. All are places you can buy and sell ‘virtual’ goods without needing to touch anything physical.

And all have their own opportunities and risks. Now may be a good time to learn a bit about them.

8 – Start a marketing or professional services agency

There are going to be lots small businesses starting from home, hopefully inspired by this article, and they are going to need help from remote agencies.

Whether that is help with marketing, design, copywriting, or even the more serious legal and accountancy. They will need help. And a lot of the benefit that big companies offer, such as sending in consultants to review your work practices or a fancy office to woo you in, they can’t do anymore.

They are now having to compete at the same level as anyone with an internet connection and some web design skills.

My wife started a marketing agency while travelling the world and it was easier than you probably think. Advertise on Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour. Email your contacts from work?

9 – Learn a remote skill

This may not be an instant moneymaker, but what better time to retrain and gain a skill that will pay dividends for decades to come? Learn the intricacies of Photoshop, programming, web design, video editing or whatever you fancy that can be done from home. I’m currently learning video game development.

And once you have a base level of skills you can start getting some work experience by freelancing or emailing companies with an offers of internships.

Suddenly the whole world is your job board because businesses will have no reason to hire someone local anymore. What’s the point if they need to work remotely anyway?

10 – Blog or Vlog About Whatever Business From Above You Chose!

And then once you’ve chosen your new business. Write a blog or vlog about the process of starting it.

I along with many other people have found success from writing about our business journeys. It’s a win-win. You get to immortalise your experiences, get some new customers for your business.

And it could also potentially become a moneymaker in itself. This site, which started as just a journal of my businesses, has made over £100k. A great return for something pretty easy. You can start a blog in under an hour.