Since I wrote the introductory guide to matched betting and about the best arb finding services I have received a lot of emails from people asking what is the best way to find offers. The simple answer is through monitoring your favourite matched betting forum. In the quickly changing environment of online gambling, you’ll find it very difficult to improve and create any sort of decent source of income without the support of the communities found on at least one matched betting forum. But it is worth being careful before diving in, there are a lot of forums out there, most of which are rubbish and some are just plain dangerous. Here’s my shortlist of the best ones.

1. Money Saving Expert’s Matched Betting Forum

Money Saving Expert is the most popular and simplest matched betting forum, it is where almost everyone starts out (including me). It is almost patronisingly basic and incredibly risk adverse which is exactly what you want when starting out. Everything that gets posted there is risk free and will have been done by many people before you get to it. A good place for beginners but even so it can be confusing and I find that generally people aren’t very friendly to ‘stupid’ questions. Take your time, do a few simple offers and then move on to some of the other forums.

As a side not, it has quite a bad reputation for ruining offers. Once a bonus is posted on Money Saving Expert, hundreds or thousands of people will take advantage of it and often the bonus offer gets cancelled very soon after – some of the threads have over half a million views! Because of this you will often see it derided on other forums.

money saving expert matched betting forum

2. The Gambling Times

The Gambling Times is my favourite matched betting forum and a very good place for beginners and intermediates. It is a very friendly place with none of the ‘ego’ that you find on Money Saving Expert or Beating Bonuses. If you’re looking to transition from simple matched betting to some of the more advanced forms of advantage gambling then this is a good place.

The main downside for a beginner is that to access the sports and casino bonuses forum there is a £4.99 membership fee. If you want to find out more about it, check out my interview with Andy Heaford, the founder of The Gambling Times.

the gambling times matched betting forum

3. RPoints

Rpoints is somewhere between Money Saving Expert and The Gambling Times. It doesn’t have the community of The Gambling Times but is a lot less cluttered and easy to use than Money Saving Expert. It was closed down for a few years but has since reopened.

rpoints matched betting forum

4. Beating Bonuses

Beating Bonuses is probably the most advanced of the ‘open to any’ forums. It’s not really a proper matched betting forum as they don’t often discuss bookie offers, but there is a lot of discussion on casino bonuses and ways to make money from them.

It’s unusual in that quite a few ‘professionals’ tend to post there, although they rarely say much interesting – check out the bitching and bragging threads if you want to see some major showing off. You might want to just lurk for a while before starting to contribute, they can be pretty unfriendly. There is also a private forum that you can get access to if you regularly contribute to the forum.

beating bonuses matched betting forum

5. The Private Forums

The real golden offers first appear in the private forums. The only way to get into them is to be invited. The few ones I have been invited to have resulted from being a good contributor on open forums such as Beating Bonuses and The Gambling Times and then private messaging people who I suspect to be professionals.

It’s not point being a beginner and joining one of these advanced forums, for one you probably won’t understand/will be terrified by the strategies and offers they talk about. Secondly they only want people who can contribute. Get stuck in first in some of the pub forums and work your way up.


If you have any questions, chuck them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. What’s your favourite matched betting forum?