If you’re like my friends and family, then you are probably struggling to think of good Christmas presents for entrepreneurs in your life that don’t cost a bomb. Don’t worry! There are a lot of really useful and inexpensive gifts you can get. So here are the best.

Boardroom Ready Accessories

Boardrooms are intimidating places and looking the part can go a long way to helping grow your confidence. A nice mont-blanc pen and leatherbound notebook not only improves your confidence but also adds credibility. And is something that your budding entrepreneur might not have thought about before.

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It doesn’t need to be expensive. But having a nice pen to take notes with adds a lot of professionalism compared to that cheap biro you stole from the last hotel you stayed at.

Books On Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Marketing

Probably the most gifted Christmas presents for entrepreneurs are books. And that is because there are thousands of books aimed to help business owners. Here are my personal favourites:

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Education – A Subscription To An Online University

Education is no longer limited to brick and mortar institutions. And for a small monthly fee you can access thousands of courses on every discipline imaginable. Whatever business your entrepreneur is in he will definitely need to learn new skills.

And what better Christmas presents for entrepreneurs in your life is there than the skills they will need to succeed?

My two favourites platforms are Lynda and Coursera.

best christmas presents for entrepreneurs coursera

Business Cards

Even in today’s online age having physical business cards is still very important. I give mine out all the time.

But if you are not sure what to put on the business card, then another great christmas presents for entrepreneurs in your life is a design services to create them a fantastic business card. VistaPrint is where I get my business cards printed and 99Designs is a great place to find designers.

Tickets To A Local Business Conference

Most areas have conferences going on throughout the year that include great speakers and awesome networking opportunities. Getting your entrepreneur tickets to one could be great for their business while showing how much thought you put into the gift. Maybe you could get two tickets and go with them?

To find local conferences have a look on Google or EventBright. Try searching for ‘conference’ + your area + your entrepreneur’s niche.

Portable Recording Equipment

With modern smartphones, we all have the power to produce high-quality videos and audio. A skill that in the modern social media marketing era is very important. But it can be made 100x easier with the addition of a few accessories that don’t cost much and that your entrepreneur may not have thought of.

Personally, I would really like a portable iPhone recording stand for Christmas.

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Artisan Coffee Accessories

For some reason, coffee and entrepreneurship is inextricably linked. So help you budding entrepreneur up their game with some artisan coffee accessories. I own all of these and use them a lot! They form part of my ritual to get my brain working.

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A Consultation With Their Role-Model

It is not a cheap gift, but a meeting or a phone call with your entrepreneur’s favourite role-model would be the unforgettable gift of their life. And there are services out there that let you organise just that. Clarity.fm is one such service.

Or if the role-model isn’t on there, try Googling them and a way to get in touch. And failing that try just emailing them and saying you want to gift it as a Christmas present for entrepreneurs in your life.

A Card Reader

Loads of entrepreneurs are limiting themselves to just cash. But did you know that for just £29 you can get a portable card reader that syncs through your phone? If your entrepreneur is doing any business where they make sales personally then consider getting them a card reader they can carry around with them.

These aren’t just great Christmas presents for entrepreneurs, but also for tradesmen and contractors. Imagine if your cleaner, plumber, builder, etc had a card machine? What a way to set them apart from their competition.

Some Artisan Gin

Ok, this is a joke and just a shameless plug for my business. But seriously, who doesn’t like artisan gin?!

Have a Merry Christmas!