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Here is a truth that most ‘gurus’ don’t want you to know. Everything you need to know to start an Amazon FBA business can be found online for free.

There are no secrets hidden behind expensive courses, and they are not going to garuntee you succeed. But that doesn’t mean that Amazon FBA courses aren’t useful. You just need to make sure you buy a good course for the correct reasons.

Recently there has been an explosion in the number of Amazon FBA courses available, including a lot of really bad ones. So to write this post my team tried out 23 different Amazon FBA courses to narrow it down to the best. The last of which is a free option!

What Are Amazon FBA Courses Good For?

We have already said that Amazon courses don’t contain any secrets and aren’t garuntees to make you succesful. So what are they good for?

  • Curation: There are so many free resources out there it can be really hard to piece them all together. And there are a lot of bad ones too. With a paid course someone has done that hard work for you and put all the information in one easy to digest place. 
  • Community: A lot of courses have a dedicated Facebook groups or masterminds where other new business starters can work together to solve each others problems. It is easier to do something with a group than completely on your own. Plus you can learn from succesful graduates of the Amazon FBA. 
  • One-To-One Help & Mentorship: Most authors of free resources aren’t going to respond to your questions because it is too much work and they aren’t geting anything out of it. When you pay for a course you often get direct access to the course creator. And on some of the better courses they have set mentorship systems in place. 
  • Accountability: And as silly as it sounds. Having spent the money on the course means you are much more likely to follow through and start an business. Because if you don’t you will have wasted your money, and none of us like to do that. 

Ok, so still want to get an Amazon FBA course? From the 23 we tested we have narrowed down to two course. The hands down best, but also very expensive Amazon FBA course. And a better value version.

The Best & Most Expensive

The Amazing Selling Machine at the staggeringly expensive $4,997 is hands down the best course out there. 

It has been running for years which means that not only has it constantly improved, it also has lots of success stories.

It includes:

  • An 8-week online course
  • The mentor program
  • Lifetime access to all resources
  • A suite of tools to help automate your business
  • A very active forum of succesful sellers

It has taken me six years of writing this blog and selling on Amazon before I felt comfortable enough to recomend the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). It is just so expensive? How can they justify that price? 

But over the years more and more poeple I know personally have taken the Amazon FBA course, raved about it and gone on to run very succesful businesses. And each year they have improved it while keeping the price the same.

I cannot but award ASM as rightfully the best Amazon FBA course out there. 

The Best Value

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course at $499, may be 10% of the price of The Amazing Selling Machine but is still really very good. It is not as hand-holdy and doesn’t have the one-to-one coaching, but there is a huge amount of content available. 

There are lots of sub-courses included. You are not going to run out of content:

Perks include

  • Hugely indepth courses
  • 50,000 + member Facebook group
  • Lots of extra courses that aren’t directly related to Amazon FBA. Such as merch by Amazon and social media strategies

Look let’s be frank. It’s not as good as ASM but it is 10% of the price. That means a lot and there is no shame in taking the better value option. There are a lot very succesful sellers who have done the same.

A Free Option

And as I said at the very beginning. There are free options available. YouTube videos and blog posts. But what about if you want a course?

Let me introduce you to the Jungle Scout academy:

Jungle Scout is a full service Amazon FBA suite that is mainly known for it’s excellent product research tools, that I talk about in my post “how to find the best products to sell on Amazon“.

It costs between $40 and $70 a month with most people getting the ‘Jungle Scout & Extension three month’ option. But whichever option you go for you will get access to the Jungle Scout Academy.

So it is not free. But Jungle Scout is a tool that you will be buying anyway for it’s product research and launch tools. In fact both ASM and the Proven Amazon Course recomend you buy Jungle Scout.

And the academy is actually pretty good. It covers everything you need to know from an Amazon FBA course in short videos from Jungle Scout founder Greg Mercer.

It is not as good as a paid for dedicated Amazon FBA course. But if you’re bootstrapping, Jungle Scout is a very good backup option.

Which Amazon Course Should You Go For?

So which should you go for?

If money is no hinderance and you have over $10,000 to invest in your Amazon business I would recomend The Amazing Selling Machine.

If you have less than $10,000, go with The Proven Amazon Course.

And if you are bootstrapping then get The Jungle Scout Academy. Which comes free with the Jungle Scout product research suite you will probably be buying anyway.

Good luck!