Have You Chosen A Good Amazon FBA Product?

I am an expert at building businesses on Amazon FBA and can help you make sure you choose a good initial product. All services are confidential and include a signed non-disclosure agreement so you can be sure I will not leak or copy your ideas.

I Will Review Your Product Idea

When starting an Amazon FBA business it is very important to make sure that you choose a good initial product. Amazon really punishes bad products. Storage fees shoot up after your stock has been in the warehouse for six months. And even if you want to get them out they charge you 60p per item to get them out of the warehouse. 

Not to mention all that initial investment you have wasted.

That is where I come in. For a fixed fee, I will analyse your product idea and give you honest feedback on what mistakes you are making (and trust me, you will make some mistakes on your first product). 

Is the competition too strong? Are you inadvertently breaking a law? Is the niche too small? Have you missed something out from the costings that will cause you to lose money? Is your order quantity too high or too low? These are all questions I can help answer.

I will even sign a non-disclosure agreement before we start work so you can be confident I won’t leak or copy your idea.

Ok. Enough introduction. Here are the plans:

  • Pricing – I will take into account all the possible expenses that you will face and work out what your potential revenue and profit is going to look like. Most people overestimate their margins and miss significant expenses.
  • Market Size – I will look at what the appetite is for items similar to what you are selling. This will give us a maximum sales volume that you can hope to achieve. It is very common for new sellers to overestimate the size of their niche and even though they become bestseller still don’t sell enough to make the business worthwhile.
  • Product Uniqueness – There is a big difference between a generic white-labelled. I will assess whether your product is robust enough to survive a competitor
  • Competitor Analysis – I will look into the competition in your niche. Including how dirty the competition is. Are there many fake reviews? Are they sabotaging each others’ products?
  • Off-Amazon Potential – Amazon is getting more and more competitive making cross-selling and cross-marketing ever more important. I will look into what other channels you can use to get sales or drive traffic.
  • Idea Brainstorm – I will spend some time thinking through your product and coming up with ideas both to improve it and to help market it.
  • Extra Relevant Thoughts – I will give you some specific advice that is tailored to your product and niche.

Example Of What You’ll Get

Here is an example of what you will get for £200. This is a product report on an electronic juicer:

Who this service is not for


This service is really only for people who are planning on investing a few thousand into their first product. If you are lucky enough to have been able to develop, source and manufacture a product all for £500 then I really don’t recommend paying for my services. You will be able to learn from your mistakes and it if there are issues it isn’t going to cost you too much.

If however you are planning on investing £3,000, then I believe that it is really worth making sure that you are not making any mistakes. I have heard too many horror stories of people spending all their savings on a bad product and then. And being put off Amazon FBA for good.

As a rough guide 0-£1,000 invested, don’t use any of my services. £1,000 – £3,000, get the essential plan. £3,000+ get the detailed plan. And if you intend on selling in multiple marketplaces then get the all-inclusive plan.

People with no idea of a product

Do not pay me £200 to assess a half-assed product idea. You need to spend the time first to find and research a good product that you think will work. Then contact factories and get quotes to work out if it is economically feasible. In fact do everything you can before spending any money!

If you don’t know where to start, check out this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan should I choose?
That really depends on your business, and in particular the amount you are planning on spending on your first product. If you are going to be spending £500 in total then there is no point using my services, it just won’t be worth the money. However, if you plan on spending £5,000 then spending £500 to make sure you aren’t wasting that money is a good investment.

As a rough guide

  • 0-£1,000 invested, don’t use any of my services.
  • £1,000 – £3,000, get the essential plan.
  • £3,000+ get the detailed plan.
  • And if you intend on selling in multiple marketplaces then get the all-inclusive plan.
What are your credentials?
I started my first Amazon FBA business in 2013 and have been growing ever since. I now make a very comfortable five-figures a month net profit. On top of that my articles on Amazon FBA have been read by over a million people. I have also been successfully consulting for other Amazon FBA businesses since early 2016.

You can read more about my story here.

What is Amazon FBA?
Amazon FBA is the fulfilment warehouse network run by Amazon. It is a great way for individuals or small businesses to scale their businesses very quickly. And allows one-man brands to sell thousands of products a week. For more information check out this really detailed free post:

How do I come up with a product to sell on Amazon?
Here is a free article on how to find a product to sell:

What if I change my mind or am unhappy?
If you are unhappy with the service then please get in touch and we will make it up to you.
Do I need to use your service to succeed?
No. Of course not. I and many other people have succeeded in creating profitable Amazon FBA businesses without spending money on professional help. I do believe this is a valuable service and that it would be helpful to a lot of people. But if that is not you, then no worries and no hard feelings. Good luck!
I want some other Amazon FBA help?
Please use my standard consulting. I charge $200 an hour and you can schedule a call with me through my profile on Clarity.